Respect for tradition

SICIT, which set out in 1953 as a machine shop for the production of universal joints, subsequently evolved towards complete cardan-shaft transmissions, now present on the market with the CardanWorks brand.

This was a period of major expansion of the Italian mechanical industry and the company soon acquired a reputation for precise machining and punctuality.

Two strong points that are still the main core values of the company today.

A leap forward in quality

In 1975, SICIT grew from a machine shop to become a modern company with major investments in machinery, training and safety of personnel, also setting up a Study and Design office in order to cater to new market demands.

These were the years in which technology started to become an integral part of our lives and SICIT immediately understood its importance.

Tomorrow, here and now

SICIT responds promptly to market demands for ever higher levels of quality and cooperates with high prestige customers such as Iveco, GKN, Dana, SKF, Oerlikon.

Active cooperation with customers has earned Sicit a position as a reference point first of all in the sector of universal joints and the company is now gaining ground also in the field of complete cardan-shaft transmissions and related components. This has promoted fine-tuning of production methods, with related certification according to the most advanced regulations, and also focussing of attention on customer satisfaction.

Today, SICIT is one of the most highly qualified partners worldwide for the automotive and industrial parts after-market and for services companies, both for trucks and mechanical transmission industrial applications.

Production was focussed initially on OEMs or after-market universal joints for trucks while, today, applications of the entire cardan-shaft transmission also in the industrial sector have been developed.

Backed by experience acquired on the international market and its specific technical expertise, SICIT has broadened its range of universal joints, extending application to industrial sectors such as paper-making, marine, steel-making, railway, energy, continuing to meet customers’ requests… as in the last 60 years!


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